Practical Advice

1. Get in touch with the local coordinator to confirm your staying abroad.
2. Confirm the date of your trip. Please note that you hold your tickets and the corresponding receipt.
3. Have you renewed your travel documents (ID or Passport and visa if needed)?
4. Have you arranged your medical insurance? (the issued European Insurance Card is it valid abroad)?
5. Confirm the allowable luggage weight (from the air carrier) in order to avoid paying extra money.
6. Get informed about the weather conditions and take with you the appropriate clothing. During June/July the weather is rather hot in Athens with temperatures around 28-33 degrees Celcius. However, since the climate in Athens and in general in South Greece is dry, high temperatures are much better affordable than elsewhere with a humid climate. Therefore, we suggest that you always use a hat for your head, bring a sun protection cream and always take care to have with you a small bottle of water.
7. Arrange your bank transactions (valid credit cards ?) Your IBAN/BIC and the Name of your Bank will be requested for payment the travel expenses.
8. Buy a travel guide for the country of your destination and study before you fly.
9. Brush up your English language.
10. ....have a nice and safe trip.

On your arrival and Staying: 1. Study carefully all the received documents and material.
2. Ask about discount cards (or group tickets) for your bus or train transfers.
3. Follow and stand by the simple rules for your personal safety (don't go to unknown places alone, activate your cell phone).
4. In case that you are a theft victim, please report this to the police/ and or to the coordinator. In serious cases of injuries the Embassy or the Consulate should be informed.
5. Benefit from your staying abroad in order to learn about the local history and the civilization. Get to know the other students (colleagues) and maintain a friendship.
6. Don't forget to hold all the necessary documents and receipts in order to claim your travel and living expenses.