June 19 Lighting design is not a fluke; it is fed back by the light and the images around us, it draws strength from the deployment of our skills and emerges in our evening options. Such prospects let accompany you on the journey to Greece. Have a nice trip.

June 17, Boarding passes Don't forget to keep your original boarding passes on all flights you take to arrive and depart to/from Athens. Please do not use mobile check-in. Only conventional and/or electronic boarding passes (web check-in) will be accepted. The later are advantageous because you can save them as electronic pdf-files and send them to us by e-mail (or print & give them upon your arrival in Athens). All boarding passes for trips in both directions are needed. Remember the Erasmus rule: No boarding pass, no reimbursement - it's that simple!

June 16 The weather is hot in Athens with temperatures around 28-36 degrees Celcius. We suggest that you always use a hat for your head, bring a sun protection cream and always take care to have with you a small bottle of water.

June 15 During the two weeks of the program you will be given a lighting design project to elaborate on as part of design teams. The aim of the project is to bring all of the teachers and students together through the completion of a common goal: to redesign the lighting in some of Athens' most prominent historical buildings. An introduction to the project will be given on Day 2 (Tuesday) and in the evening we will try to organise a field trip to the project site, situated at the centre of Athens, so that the students can experience the surroundings and the existing lighting.The project of each team will be presented at the last day of the IP, so it is advisable to bring your own laptop, loaded with the programs that you are familiar with. If you don't have a laptop, we will try to provide pc access at the NTUA computer lab. Programs that you may need to use (or not, you can always design on paper and present scanned images) include image provessing programs (i.e. photoshop, gimp, pixelmator etc.), 3d modeling programs (i.e. sketchup, 3ds max, maya etc.), lighting calculation programs (Relux, Dialux, etc.) and Microsoft powerpoint for the presentations. If you bring your own laptop and don't have corresponding applications we can provide access to relux, sketchup (free version), gimp and open office.

June 14 The wonderful play of light

June 12, Information for students It is recommended that all participating students issue the International Student Idendification Card (ISIC). This card offers discount up to 50% in museums and elsewhere.

Students will stay at the Guesthouse in NTUA campus
Check-in: Sunday June 24, 2013
Check-out: Saturday, July 6, 2013
The course location (Library) is situated very close to students' accommodation building

How can you reach Guesthouse at NTUA Campus from the Athens International Airport Metro - Line 3 (Blue line): Athens Airport - Egaleo (Do not take the suburban railway called PROASTIAKOS).
Stop after 10 stations at KATEHAKI metro station. Follow exit, across the road is the bus line 140 DIRECTION: Glyfada.
Take the bus with the same ticket and you stop at FOIT. EST. POLYT/NEIOYPOLIS (ΦΟΙΤ.ΕΣΤ.ΠΟΛΥΤ/NEΙΟΥΠΟΛΗΣ).
Across the stop is the Reception Gate of your accommodation.

At the airport, you can buy a ticket one way for 8 Euros. This ticket is acceptable by the Erasmus travel expenses.

Metro map
Map for the region around NTUA campus
Satellite route KATEHAKI station (Metro exit)-Guesthouse

More details please read here

June 11, Information for lecturers
Transportation from Athens centre to Zografou campus Take metro - Line 3 (Blue line), direction Doukissis Plakentias or Airport.
Stop at KATEHAKI metro station. Follow exit, across the road is the bus line 140 DIRECTION: Glyfada.
Take the bus with the same ticket and you stop at POLYTECHNIOYPOLIS (ΠΟΛΥΤΕΧΝΕΙΟΥΠΟΛΗΣ).
Across the stop is the Entrance to NTUA (Kokkinopoulou Gate). The Library building is about ten minutes on foot.
The daily tickets are not acceptable by the Erasmus travel expenses.

Metro map
Map for the region around NTUA campus
Satellite route KATEHAKI station (Metro exit)- Course Location

Please, do not forget to give your presentation in pdf file, after your lecture, for uploading here

June 10, General Information: LiDe course venue The course will take place every day from 09.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. at the Library building (Entrance from Multimedia Amphitheatre. Please do not use the entrance to central Library) located at Zografou NTUA campus, (Library is indicated as Nr 13 in ).
The Multimedia Amphitheatre has all facilities for a power point presentation and internet access.

May 2013 before arrival, students from each institute are asked to work in groups to prepare a short presentation (ppt file) of their Institute focusing on the following aspects: the main concept and orientation of lighting technology/design or light art education with respect to the general status of lighting design in their country and internationally. Main topics should be prioritized. Duration of the presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. Day of the presentation is Monday on June 24 during afternoon session. Students of each working group should communicate with other members of the same group to structure the content and to define the speaker.

April 2013 It has been agreed among the participating Institutes that a certain number of ECTS units/credits will be awarded to the students that will attend the course successfully. A number of five (5) ECTS will be awarded to the students. All participating students will receive a certificate of attendance, issued by the IP coordinating Institute.

Students and Teachers who participate in the IP-course LiDe, are kindly requested to book their airticket to Athens, Greece on the mentioned dates. For the reimbursement of travel costs (train and airplane for door-to-door trip) the boarding passes (hard copy or pdf file) and air ticket invoice (edited at the name of the traveller) are necessary to be kept and deposited upon arrival in Athens. Boarding cards produced by mobile are not accepted. The payment will be performed via IBAN to the students/teachers personal bank account, after the end of the return trip and after sending to the coordinator the return boarding cards.

March 2013 Newsletter Mar 2013

Students will stay in the Guesthouse (building Nr 14),which is situated at Kokkinopoulou str in Zografou NTUA campus, in 2-bed rooms with bath. Each floor has a common room for cooking etc. See navigation from the Guesthouse to the Lectures Room , map was taken by

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